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Who is curiko for?

Curiko is for people with and without disabilities, across the neurodiversity continuum. Anyone can host and go on 1:1 experiences, group experiences, watch video experiences, and order box experiences. Youth and adults with developmental disabilities, who qualify for CLBC funding, can receive 1:1 coaching.

What does Curiko do?

Curiko offers four types of experiences, 1:1, group, video, and box experiences — plus motivational coaching — so you can better connect to yourself, to others, and to the world around you. Together, we put into practice a belief that we humans are all wonderfully different and completely equal in worth.

How can I get started on Curiko?

People new to the platform can choose to join a cohort: a group of first-time users who get to know one another, explore the features and big ideas of the platform together, and form a support crew for each other.

Who's behind Curiko?

A paid team of designers, Coaches, Curators, and Moderator coordinators, who work with volunteer community members and Moderators, to co-make and co-deliver content. Both our team, and our volunteer community members, are made up of people with and without disabilities. We seek to model the kinds of equal relationships we want to see more of in the world.

But, new people can also just jump right in and join group or video experiences that interest them. There isn’t a long sign-up process: we’ve tried to reduce some of the barriers to access and engagement.

How much do experiences cost?

Online group and video experiences are totally free. Boxes are also free, but we do ask that you cover the shipping costs. To access coaching and 1:1 experiences, currently, you need to be eligible for support from Community Living British Columbia. If you are not sure if you are CLBC eligible, get in touch [link to contact page]. If you live outside of British Columbia, and would like the support of a personal coach, we are trialing a fee-for-service model. Reach out to us and we can chat more about how they can work for you!

Are all experiences online?

Not for long! Over the last year we've gotten to explore what it looks like to build a digital community. As part of Curiko you'll be able to continue to meet up online as well as in person for group and 1:1 experiences.

What happened to Kudoz, CoMakeDo, and Meraki?

Curiko is a new platform, but the projects behind it aren't. Curiko brings together the learnings and elements of Kudoz, CoMakeDo, and Meraki to create one cohesive platform for you to peruse and discover your next great adventure.

Can I cancel experiences?

Life happens! If you need to cancel an experience, that's totally fine— but please be mindful of the other person you're meeting for your experience. Give them a heads up as soon as possible.

Can I create and host my own experience?

We hope you do! Get in contact with one of our fabulous Curators to chat more about what your experience could be. You can learn more about hosting, and contact us here.

Can I join if I don't live in BC?

Folks from all over Canada and the world are welcome to join our online group and video experiences. Currently our in-person experiences are located in the Lower Mainland. Want to see more experiences in your local community? Get in touch to see how to bring Curiko to your town!

Why focus on moments?

A flourishing life is full of big and small moments of connection–-to ourselves, to the people and places around us, to culture, to society. That looks like everything from a moment of enjoying the sunshine, to a moment of laughing with a stranger, to a moment of feeling seen and heard. Curiko is a place to encounter more of these moments, reflect on them, and dream of moments to come.

Can I invite my friend?

The more the merrier on our group experiences. However, for 1:1 experiences, we ask that you come alone due to the personalized nature of the experience. That being said, feel free to bring support staff, or if you’d like to bring a friend, we ask that you check in with the host to make sure that everything properly is set up!

What is a platform?

A platform is a place for you to stand— to share your ideas, build communities, and amplify your voice. This platform is for you and by you: contribute to the community by showing up with kindness, honesty, passion, and openness when attending and hosting experiences.

What can Curiko do with families?

Families can use Curiko to access anytime content that flexes to fit your schedule. It offers a safe community of hosts to engage with, as well as family coaching and networking to connect you with resources, and world new ideas to dive into.

How does Curiko work with schools?

Curiko offers curated content ready for you to use to expand your classroom. Join group experiences with community hosts, connect your students with inspiring 1:1 experiences, and get hands on with box experiences.

What if this page didn't answer my question?

If you have a question about the four types of experiences on Curiko you can find more details on the Experience Info page! Curious about coaching? Zip over to the Coaching page. You can also get in touch with the Curiko team — we'd love to hear from you!

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Curiko is situated on the traditional and stolen lands of the hən̓qəmin̓əm̓ and Sḵwx̱wú7mesh speaking peoples. We acknowledge the harms of colonization, and seek to learn from and carry forward Indigenous stories of resistance and healing. We commit to co-creating a community where every human is valued and belongs.

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